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The “Lay” of a hammock refers to the position of your body in the hammock. Different hammocks will lay differently depending on shape, size and materials used. The goal here, of course, is to find the most comfortable position possible. To maximize comfort and allow you to get a “good lay”, it’s usually best to lay slightly diagonal or “Asym”.

Straight Lay
Laying straight down the center of the hammock. Notice in this photo how the sides of the hammock are loose and draped over the user. Also notice how the user is bent into an uncomfortable “banana shaped” position. Ignore the bikini-clad young ladies shown in glamorous photos laying in their hammocks like this. This just isn’t a comfortable position for sleeping.
Asym Lay
Laying diagonal to achieve a flatter and more comfortable lay. Can be right lay or left lay. Even though this is a much smaller hammock, it has a good lay. Notice how the sides of the hammock tighten up and the user is in a much more comfortable position.

Right Lay
Laying with your head near the left edge of the hammock and your feet near the right edge.
Left Lay
Just the opposite, head right and feet left.


Choosing right or left lay is mostly a personal preference and there’s no good way to predict which way may be more comfortable for you, but approx 90% of the hammocks we build are right lay. We can build your hammock either Right Lay or Left Lay. Just be sure to indicate your preference on your order.