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The length of your hammock is possibly one of the most important factors in determining a comfortable nights sleep. Our hammocks are available in 10ft or 11ft lengths.

The 10ft length is usually comfortable for a person up to 6ft tall. If you are taller than this, you should probably consider an 11ft hammock. Some shorter people prefer the feel of a longer hammock less “shoulder squeeze” and a slightly “flatter lay”. One thing to keep in mind is that the ridgeline and ridgeline organizer sit higher on an 11ft hammock. Also, the zipper sliders are farther away from a shorter person and can be more difficult to reach.

A good starting point…
5ft 7in or shorter? – consider a 10ft hammock in a width of 58-60″
5ft 8in to 6ft tall? – either an 11ft x 58-60″ or a 10ft with a few extra inches of width
Well over 6ft tall? – go with an 11ft and consider using a wider fabric for more room.