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Hammock width is an important contributor to the comfort of your hammock, but is secondary to length. There are many poorly sized “double” hammocks available that provide a huge amount of width that can’t be used because the hammocks length is too short to provide access to outside edges of the hammock. A sufficiently wide hammock will allow you to lay in a good diagonal position for best comfort.

The available width of our hammocks is largely dependent on the starting fabric width. Depending on the exact model, we will loose approx 1.5-2 inches of width when roll hemming the fabric’s edges and attaching zippers. Some fabrics also have a bit of ugliness along the selvage edge, which must be trimmed off prior to roll hemming.
EXAMPLE – Starting with a 60 inch wide fabric will yield a final hammock width of approx 58-58.5″ give or take.

Most of the time we try to use as much of the available width possible to make the hammock as wide as we can possibly get it. If you are using one our wider fabrics, we can certainly trim the fabric down to make your hammock narrower. Just indicate your desired width when placing your order. While we can always make your hammock narrower, we cannot make it wider than the fabric will allow.

A good starting point…
5ft 7in or shorter? – consider a 10ft hammock in a 60″ wide fabric.
5ft 8in to 6ft tall? – either an 11ft x 58-60″ or a 10ft with a few extra inches of width
Well over 6ft tall? – go with an 11ft and consider using a wider fabric for more room.

Too narrow? = impossible to get a good diagonal lay causing loss of comfort.
Too wide? = unused floppy fabric on the sides sagging down against you and/or insect netting too loose.