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Wind & Rain Protection

An overcover can really enhance your hammock camping experience by allowing you to camp more comfortably in colder weather. It works by blocking or slowing airflow that robs heat from your insulation. A properly vented WinterSock or overcover can add 10-15 degrees inside your hammock, depending on the conditions. It also blocks wind and moisture that finds it’s way under your tarp. Some people also use it for added privacy while changing and darkening the hammock when snoozing during the day.

Keep in mind that an overcover must be ventilated properly to avoid building up condensation inside your hammock.

We offer 3 different styles of overcover:

Removeable Overcover
Uses dual #5 seperating zippers. It stores in it’s own peak bag at the foot end and can be zipped onto the hammock when needed. Both the overcover and peak bag are completely removeable and can be left at home during warmer weather, if you desire.
Available in the ThunderBird and and Sparrow.

Attached Overcover 
Attaches to the end of the hammock. It stores in it’s own peak bag at the foot end and can be zipped onto the hammock when needed. The overcover is attached to the hammock and cannot be taken off and left at home.
Available in the DangerBird.

For rain protection, you will need to have a tarp that provides adequate protection.

It is generally agreed that your tarp should normally overhang your hammock around 12″ on each end. Some experienced hammock users choose to minimize tarp coverage in order to limit the weight of their gear while others own more than one tarp and choose one that will provide adequate coverage for the expected weather conditions. Choosing a tarp that has doors can provide a little more proctection and the overhang is not quite as important.

Which tarp is right for my hammock?

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